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Volume 22 Issue 1 January 2016

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • When is the annihilating ideal graph of a zero-dimensional quasisemilocal commutative ring complemented? by S. Visweswaran, Hiren D. PatelDownload PDF

  • Generalized derivations as homomorphisms or anti-homomorphisms on Lie ideals by Nadeem ur Rehman, Mohd Arif RazaDownload PDF

  • Crosscap of the ideal based zero-divisor graph by T. Tamizh Chelvam, S. NithyaDownload PDF

  • Redheffer type inequalities for modified Bessel functions by Khaled MehrezDownload PDF

  • Distribution in the sense of eigenvalues of g-Toeplitz sequences: Clustering and attraction by Eric NgondiepDownload PDF

  • Perturbations of Fredholm linear relations in Banach spaces with application to 3×3-block matrices of linear relations by Aymen Ammar, Toka Diagana, Aref JeribiDownload PDF

  • Little Hankel operators on the Bergman space by Namita Das, Pabitra Kumar JenaDownload PDF

  • An Osgood condition for a semilinear reaction-diffusion equation with time-dependent generator by José Villa-MoralesDownload PDF

  • Hyper-order and fixed points of meromorphic solutions of higher order linear differential equations by Habib Habib, Benharrat BelaïdiDownload PDF

  • Characterization of self-adjoint domains for differential operators with interior singular points by Qiuxia Yang, Wanyi WangDownload PDF

  • On the existence of positive solutions for an ecological model with indefinite weight by Saleh Shakeri, Ghasem A. Afrouzi, Armin HadjianDownload PDF

  • Solutions to Kirchhoff equations with critical exponent by El Miloud Hssini, Mohammed Massar, Najib TsouliDownload PDF


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