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Volume 20 Issue 1 January 2014

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • From the Editor. Download PDF

  • Nonlinear anisotropic parabolic equations in Lm by Fares MokhtariDownload PDF

  • Some results on Whitney numbers of Dowling lattices by Mourad RahmaniDownload PDF

  • Remarks on some coupled coincidence point results in partially ordered metric spaces by Stojan RadenovićDownload PDF

  • I-Statistical convergence in 2-normed space by Ulaş Yamancı, Mehmet GürdalDownload PDF

  • Remark on the system of nonlinear variational inclusions by Zoran D. MitrovićDownload PDF

  • Implicit iterative method for approximating a common solution of split equilibrium problem and fixed point problem for a nonexpansive semigroup by K.R. Kazmi, S.H. RizviDownload PDF

  • Infinitely many solutions for systems of n fourth order partial differential equations coupled with Navier boundary conditions by Shapour HeidarkhaniDownload PDF

  • Generating relations of multi-variable Tricomi functions of two indices using Lie algebra representation by Nader Ali Makboul HassanDownload PDF

  • Submersions of generic submanifolds of a Kaehler manifold by Tanveer Fatima, Shahid AliDownload PDF

  • A characterization of projective special unitary group U3(5) by nse by Shitian LiuDownload PDF

  • On q-extension of Laurent expansion with applications by Ahmed SalemDownload PDF

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