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Volume 19 Issue 1 January 2013

  • Inside Front Cover: Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Parametric evaluations of Ramanujan’s singular moduli by Nipen SaikiaDownload PDF

  • Estimates for Monge-Ampère operators acting on positive plurisubharmonic currents by Moncef ToujaniDownload PDF

  • Möbius transformations with n-cycles geometric viewpoint by Tariq A. Al-Fadhel, Mongi BlelDownload PDF

  • Some fixed point results for a class of 𝐠-monotone increasing multi-valued mappings by Jiandong Yin, Ting GuoDownload PDF

  • Vector implicit quasi complementarity problems by Suhel Ahmad Khan, Byung Soo LeeDownload PDF

  • Solving partial fractional differential equations using the F A -transform by Arman Aghili, Alireza AnsariDownload PDF

  • On a multi point boundary value problem for a fractional order differential inclusion by Aurelian CerneaDownload PDF

  • A remark on the existence of positive solutions for variable exponent elliptic systems by G.A. Afrouzi, S. Shakeri, N.T. ChungDownload PDF

  • The differential pencils with turning point on the half line by A. Neamaty, Y. KhaliliDownload PDF

  • Corrigendum to: Existence of solutions for multi point boundary value problems for fractional differential equations by N. NyamoradiDownload PDF

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