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Volume 24 Issue 1 January 2018

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF
  • On the bi-harmonic maps with potential by Ahmed Mohammed Cherif, Mustapha DjaaDownload PDF
  • On Fibonacci and Lucas sequences modulo a prime and primality testing by Dorin Andrica, Vlad Crişan, Fawzi Al-ThukairDownload PDF

  • Oscillation criteria for a class of third order damped differential equations by Osama Moaaz, Elmetwally M. Elabbasy, Ebtesam ShaabanDownload PDF

  • Asymptotic behaviour of a suspension bridge problem by Soh Edwin MukiawaDownload PDF

  • Kohn-Vogelius formulation and topological sensitivity analysis based method for solving geometric inverse problems by Maatoug Hassine, Imen KallelDownload PDF

  • The stable processes on symmetric matrices by Farouk MselmiDownload PDF

  • Some results of the f-biharmonic maps and applications by Djelloul Djebbouri, Seddik OuakkasDownload PDF

  • Copula conditional tail expectation for multivariate financial risks by Brahimi Brahim, Benatia Fatah, Yahia DjabraneDownload PDF

  • Classification of derivation algebras in low dimensions by Mohammed Guediri, Kholoud AlbalawiDownload PDF

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