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Volume 23 Issue 1 January 2017

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Topics in differential geometry associated with position vector fields on Euclidean submanifolds by Bang-Yen ChenDownload PDF

  • A survey on the geometry of production models in economics by Alina-Daniela Vîlcu, Gabriel-Eduard VîlcuDownload PDF

  • On connections on principal bundles by Indranil BiswasDownload PDF

  • Geometry of conformal vector fields by Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF

  • On the equivalence of two curvature conditions for Lorentzian hypersurfaces by Mohammed Guediri, Norah AlshehriDownload PDF

  • Characterizing spheres by an immersion in Euclidean spaces by Sharief Deshmukh, Ibrahim Al-DayelDownload PDF

  • Ground state solutions and least energy sign-changing solutions for a class of fourth order Kirchhoff-type equations in N by Sofiane Khoutir, Haibo ChenDownload PDF

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