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Volume 2 Number 1 June 1996

Volume 2 Number 1 June 1996. Download PDF

  • Geometry of degenerate hypersurfaces by Aurel BejancuDownload PDF

  • Four-dimensional almost Kähler manifolds of pointwise constant holomorphic sectional curvature by J.T. Cho and K. SekigawaDownload PDF

  • Hypersurfaces in the Euclidean space R4 by Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF

  • Asymptotic test for monotone variance residual life by A.I. KanjoDownload PDF

  • Characterization of fuzzy T0 and R0 topological spaces by M.A. AmerDownload PDF

  • On new renewal better than used classes of ageing by M.I. Hendi and A.F. MashhourDownload PDF

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