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Volume 1 Number 1 December 1995

Volume 1 Number 1 December 1995. Download PDF

  • Close-to-convex functions of complex order related to Ruscheweyh derivative by Fatima M. Al-OboudiDownload PDF

  • Asymptotic solutions for second-order differential equations by F.N. Al-Showaikh and A.S.A. Al-HammadiDownload PDF

  • A finite difference method for approximating the solution of a certain class of singular two-point boundary value problems by I.T. Abu-Zaid and M.A. El-GebeilyDownload PDF

  • Further results on A-optimal second-order designs over cubic regions by S. Huda and I.H. KhanDownload PDF

  • Multiplicity in algebra and geometry by David KirbyDownload PDF

  • Pareto optimum and equilibrium points of private ownership economies - a simpler approach without fixed point theorems by E. TarafdarDownload PDF

  • Cosmology of general relativity without energy conservation by A.S. Al-Rawaf and M.O. TahaDownload PDF

  • General formulation of the Padé approximants to the perturbation series in non-relativistic quantum mechanics by A.B. KhalilDownload PDF

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