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Volume 13 December 2007

Volume 13 December 2007. Download PDF

  • On P-closedness in a bitopological space by S.k. Sen and M.N. MukherjeeDownload PDF

  • New function theoretic proofs of Brown-Halmos theorems by Hocine GuediriDownload PDF

  • On limiting case of the Sobolev theorem for B -Riesz potential in B -Morrey spaces by Javanshir J. Hasanov and Yusuf ZerenDownload PDF

  • Eigenvalues of the Laplace operator on compact Riemannian manifolds by Sharief DeshmukhDownload PDF

  • On the automorphism group of some special S 1 O ( n , R ) -invariant domains in n by Nabil OurimiDownload PDF

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