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Volume 25 Issue 2 July 2019

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • Metric dimension of generalized wheels by Badekara Sooryanarayana, Shreedhar Kunikullaya, Narahari Narasimha SwamyDownload PDF

  • Some results on modules satisfying S-strong accrby S. Visweswaran, Premkumar T. LalchandaniDownload PDF

  • Fractional calculus of generalized p-k-Mittag-Leffler function using Marichev-Saigo-Maeda operators by M. Kamarujjama, N.U. Khan, Owais KhanDownload PDF

  • Some results on vanishing moments of wavelet packets, convolution and cross-correlation of wavelets by A.M. Jarrah, Nikhil KhannaDownload PDF

  • On stochastic solutions of nonlocal random functional integral equations by M.M. Elborai, M.I. YoussefDownload PDF

  • Bifurcation analysis of a nonlinear diffusion model: Effect of evaluation period for the diffusion of a technology by Rakesh Kumar, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Kulbhushan AgnihotriDownload PDF

  • An extension of the reflexive property of rings by Arnab BhattacharjeeDownload PDF

  • Fitted finite difference method for third order singularly perturbed convection diffusion equations with integral boundary condition by Velusamy Raja, Ayyadurai TamilselvanDownload PDF

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