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Volume 25 Issue 1 January 2019

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • The (≤ 5)-hypomorphy of digraphs up to complementation by Aymen Ben Amira, Bechir Chaari, Jamel Dammak, Hamza Si KaddourDownload PDF

  • The solution of certain triple q-integral equations in fractional q-calculus approach by M.A. AL-TowailbDownload PDF

  • Parallelizing pairings on Hessian elliptic curves by Emmanuel FouotsaDownload PDF

  • Oscillation criterion for first-order linear differential equations with several delay arguments by Hongwu Wu, Julio G. DixDownload PDF

  • New characterizations of completely monotone functions and Bernstein functions, a converse to Hausdorff’s moment characterization theorem by Rafik Aguech, Wissem JedidiDownload PDF

  • Iterative approximation of fixed points of contraction mappings in complex valued Banach spaces by Godwin Amechi OkekeDownload PDF

  • Existence results for systems of first-order nabla dynamic inclusions on time scales by Bouharket Bendouma, Ahmed HammoudiDownload PDF

  • Hochschild cohomology of Sullivan algebras and mapping spaces by J.-B. GatsinziDownload PDF

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