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Volume 24 Issue 2 July 2018

  • Editorial Board. Download PDF

  • From the editor. Download PDF

  • Skew-signings of positive weighted digraphs by Kawtar Attas, Abderrahim Boussaïri, Mohamed ZaidiDownload PDF

  • Partial answers of the Asadi et al.’s open question on M-metric spaces with numerical results by Pathaithep Kumrod, Wutiphol SintunavaratDownload PDF

  • Best proximity pair and fixed point results for noncyclic mappings in modular spaces by Karim Chaira, Samih LazaizDownload PDF

  • Approximating fixed points of nearly asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in CAT(k) spaces by Anupam SharmaDownload PDF

  • Some results and examples of the biharmonic maps with potential by Abdelkader Zagane, Seddik OuakkasDownload PDF

  • On the structure of conservation laws of (3+1)-dimensional wave equation by S. Reza Hejazi, Elham LashkarianDownload PDF

  • On some higher order boundary value problems at resonance with integral boundary conditions by Samuel Azubuike Iyase, Olawale Joshua AdelekeDownload PDF

  • Existence of solutions for quasilinear random impulsive neutral differential evolution equation by B. Radhakrishnan, M. TamilarasiDownload PDF

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