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Volume 17 Issue 1 January 2011

  • Inside Front Cover. Download PDF

  • From the Editor. Download PDF

  • Equations of motion for zeros of orthogonal polynomials related to the Toda lattices by Mourad E.H. Ismail, Wen-Xiu MaDownload PDF

  • Matrix inversion using orthogonal polynomials by Ruiming Zhang, Li-Chen ChenDownload PDF

  • On the recursive sequence xn+1=a+bxnA+Bxn-1k by Alaa E. Hamza, A.M. Ahmed, A.M. YoussefDownload PDF

  • A survey of elliptic Kato classes and some applications for partial differential equations by Habib MâagliDownload PDF

  • Quantum states as realizations of groups by Abdel-Shafy Fahmy ObadaDownload PDF

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