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Volume 9 Number 1 June 2003

Volume 9 Number 1 June 2003. Download PDF

  • A model for fuzzy plane projective geometry by M. Tahami, Y. Bahrampour and M. Mashinchi. Download PDF

  • On the geometry of 3-contact CR-submanifolds of manifolds with generalised 3-Sasakian structure by Falleh R. Al-SolamyDownload PDF

  • Nonclassical properties for some intermediate states by M. Sebawe Abdalla and A.-S.F. ObadaDownload PDF

  • Correction to the paper “Generalized subgroups and homomorphisms”, Volume 6, Number 2, December 2000 by M. Mehrabi, M.R. Molaei and A. OloomiDownload PDF

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